Jane’s Walk 2011

Today we’re kicking off the lead up to Regina’s third Jane’s Walk event with a fun daily photo feature!

Jane’s Walks, inspired by the work of author and urbanist Jane Jacobs, are free community walking tours given by anyone and taken by anyone for free. The intention is to increase urban literacy, to promote human-scaled walkable environments, and most of all to empower citizens to talk about the places that they live, work, and play.

For the last two years, Regina has hosted very successful Jane’s Walk events. In 2009, approximately 400 people came out to participate in the walks and last year, despite some very inclement weather (read: snow and rain), we still had great turnouts at 17 unique walking tours around the city! We’ve had walks range in topic from the history of theatre in Regina’s downtown to personal perspectives of living in the Heritage neighbourhood to an examination of the current pedestrian landscape along south Albert Street. We’ve had poets, historians, naturalists, and citizens from many backgrounds lead walks. Everyone has a story to tell – even you!

No doubt this year will prove to be just as great – really, how can you go wrong by getting people together to talk about their communities? I’ll be releasing more info in the next few weeks about how to get involved, but if you are interested in being a part of Jane’s Walk this year, email me at: janeswalkregina@gmail.com. Feel free to also check out previous RUE posts mentioning Jane’s Walks here.

To kick off our countdown to Jane’s Walk 2011, RUE will post one photo/day taken during the last two years of Regina’s Jane’s Walks. Check back daily around 1pm for a new photo!

Today you get a bonus photo – the above shot is just one of many lovely shots of people walking together through the city. This one was taken on Victoria Avenue by Thomson Elementary School. For more info about Jane Jacobs and Jane’s Walks, look here.

** Mouse over photo for credit info.

Jane’s Walk 2011

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