Gone Reading

I’m taking the day off to indulge in some great urban literature. Remember my top 3 picks for holiday reading? They now sit on my side table waiting for someone to read them. I think I’m most excited to crack Jan Gehl’s Cities for People as several reviews have noted his endearing tone in the book.  In particular, he talks about the importance of planners and architects being “sweet” to people – now that’s the kind of person you want planning your city!

Here’s a great little video about Coppenhagen’s pedestrian spaces featuring Jan Gehl amoung others.

And, for those who may be interested in attending, Jan Gehl will be a keynote speaker this fall in Montreal at the Ecocity World Summit (which looks great).  Registration opens in late February 2011.

Gone Reading

2 thoughts on “Gone Reading

  1. CB says:

    Great video. I can’t wait to see some of the new changes in downtown Regina finished this summer. I love the bikes they have in Copenhagen for hauling their kids around. Great blog, Laura. Always interesting.

    1. Thanks CB – I also dig the variety of bikes in Copenhagen.

      You’ll also note that many people don’t wear helmets there. I think it is a combo of it not being written into law (they thought it would reduce the number of people who would choose to bike), and the infrastructure they have in place. Fewer and slower cars, as well as extensive and well connected cycling infrastructure means less chance of harmful accidents.

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