Tuesday Tweets

This weeks tweets focus on public space, with a little bit of fun (and a few New Years resolutions) thrown in for good measure!

Public space and Placemaking:

* 10 steps to transforming public spaces.

* The importance of being a somewhere and not an anywhere place.

* A new take on street furniture – the make shift ones make me think of this little Regina spot!

* Projects for Public Spaces shares their list of Canada’s great public spaces (spoiler: no Regina locales made the top picks).

The Economy:

* As the economy continues to decline, it may be time to look at placemaking as a way to keep moving forward.

* Speaking of the economy – it looks as though downtowns are faring this recession a bit better than the ‘burbs.

* And, who knew the silver lining of the recession would be found in the parks and public spaces arising out of stalled developments and foreclosed properties?

And to end this week, here are three lovely posts from Grist writer, Sarah Goodyear:

* Grist writers respond “why we love the places we live“.

* The urban landscape from A to Z.

* Want to make your neighbourhood a better place in 2011? Check out these New Years resolutions!

** photo: A little piece of urban subversion found in Brooklyn on Christmas Day.

Tuesday Tweets

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