Holiday Hiatus

Hi All!

For the last two months RUE has committed itself to daily posting during the week, resulting in 40 new posts in only two months!

The consistent schedule has helped me stay focused on the blog while working, and our readership has been growing (which is always exciting).

The flip-side of this increase in posts is that I definitely need time off to recharge before the New Year.  Starting today, I am taking a few weeks off to relax, read, and reflect, as well as enjoy some downtime with friends and family.

So, over the next three weeks RUE is going to be a little sparse.  But fear not – there will still be Modern Monday posts from Martin, and I may even sneak in a few fun tweets on Tuesdays (they just keep coming!).  So, stay tuned!

I hope you all have a fantastic winter break, and I look forward to picking things up in the New Year!

Thanks again for all of your support!

-Laura xo

** I think we may have just received our first Vermont snowfall that will stay (the rest have all melted or been rained away)!

Holiday Hiatus

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