Tuesday Tweets

Our round-up this week includes confessions, chic cycling, and civic space … what more could you want?


Feature Cities, Civic Spaces and Creativity

* Copenhagen’s plan to get even better by 2015!

Livable streets, Melbourne v. Toronto.

* Civic spaces in Barcelona.

* A messy city is a great city.

* New Brunswick asks: what constitutes public art?

* Not sure if I’ve already shared this, but art on construction materials seems like a great idea!

* Creating an economy of re-use.


Transportation – Cars

* Someone is definitely confused about “sustainability” – also check out the parent article “Confessions of a Recovering Engineer“.

* A look at the excess of parking spaces in North America – hell yeah!

* Making bicycle safety a part of driver education.


Transportation – Transit and Bikes

* The Urbanophile talks about making Chicago’s transit great, though the same could be said for all city transit systems: Part 1 = Vision, Part 2 = Design.

* Two-wheeling can be chic!

* A short interview with David Byrne, musician and avid two-wheeler.

* Beautiful vintage bike photos from Copenhagen… so charming!


** photo by lms.photo

Tuesday Tweets

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