Tuesday Tweets

This week’s tweet roundup covers parks, pedalling, and planning (and a fun street art video – see above)!

Public Space:

* From make-out spots to Bocce ball courts, check out the responses to GOOD magazine’s question “What elements make up a great public park?”.

* A look at the role of city parks in bringing urban centers back to life.

* Philadelphia makes the move to convert vacant lots and school-yards into park space.

Commuting (by car and by bike):

* An infographic showing where sprawl leads to longer commutes.

* A New Yorker piece about the slow driving movement – Tootling!

* New study shows that travel time to food stores and public health are connected.

* NPR piece about how more and more commuters are biking to work!

* With this bike lock you just have to watch out for crafty giraffes.

* Copenhagen continues to lead the cycling charge with a plan for bike superhighways.


* Kaid Benefield covers the intersect between planning and health.

* Planetizen on how property taxes actually discourage dense development.

* Planning lessons from the past and present.

* Great 1988 video/study about the “Social Life of Small Urban Spaces” by urbanist William H. Whyte.

Tuesday Tweets

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