Tuesday Tweets

Here is the weekly wrap-up of interesting links from Regina Urban Ecology’s Twitter-sphere:

Arts and Culture:

* A look at the world’s first 10 cities

* The branding of neighbourhoods

* Similarly – the impact of the host city on building a University brand

* Naturally occurring cultural districts

* An interesting look at public art and public space (great DIY projects in there)

* And, the public art revolution

* How urban arts are livening up a Brazilian slum (video included)

Creative Re-Use:

* Spacing Atlantic shares some love for Portland’s parking lots

* Speaking of re-using parking lots, check out this parking space sized Tokyo house


* A US organization focused specifically on pedestrian rights

* The challenges facing Bus Rapid Transit in the US (and likely Canada)

* A continuing look at Montreal’s metro system: this time the look and feel


* Bike sharing in Mexico City

* Seattle’s uncivil bike war

A bar with parking spaces for up to 60 bikes! (Bushwaaker and O’Hanlons I’m looking in your direction)

Bonus: In the same vein as my post on the “effort gap“, here is an article from Grist examining changing habits.

Tuesday Tweets

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