Tuesday Tweets

As you may have noticed, RUE recently joined the Twitter game (see sidebar).  It has been great for being exposed to ideas and projects world-wide, but to be honest, Twitter can get very time consuming if you do it constantly.  To avoid mass overload while still sharing some of the cool content from around the interwebs, we are introducing a new weekly round-up: Tuesday Tweets.  This week is largely about biking.

On Biking:

* Jan Gehl speaks about Coppenhagen’s transformation from a car centric city to its very bikable design.  Here’s a clip from “Contested Streets”.

* A civil engineer from Finland notes options to improve winter cycling in Ottawa.

* Also from Ottawa: a less than helpful response to the lack of bike parking.

* CityCaucus questions why separated bike lanes have become so controversial.

* Neat project you can support that combines bicycle advocacy and art.

* The folks at EcoVelo explore the reasons why we ride.

* Online gallery where people submit photos of bike lane violations world-wide.

On Walking:

* To prospective home buyers: walkable neighbourhoods are worth more.

* On that same note walkable homes also hold their value better.

* Have you ever thought about how walkable your transit stop is?

* Philadelphia finishes its first pedestrian plan.

On Happiness:

* Can cities help you forget your troubles?

**Photo by Daniel Paquet

Tuesday Tweets

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