RUE Wants To Hear From You (pt. 2)

Just a short post today to remind everyone that we are still looking for your ideas on projects/topics you’d like to see here on RUE.

Suggestions we’ve received include doing cultural/historical mapping of the city, digging up info on some of Regina’s lesser known neighbourhoods, examining future transit options for the city, and interviewing city councillors on topics like cycling and walkability.

All great suggestions- let’s keep those ideas coming!

Send us your ideas by:

1) Leaving your thoughts in the comments section below

2) Commenting on our facebook page

3) Tweeting your thoughts to @reginaurbaneco

4) Sending an email to regina(dot)urbanecology(at)gmail(dot)com

To kickstart your urbanist brainstorming, try checking out “Saskatoon Speaks” (Star Phoenix) – 16 citizen bloggers write about local city issues.

** image is part of Juri Zaech’s Write-a-Bike project

RUE Wants To Hear From You (pt. 2)

2 thoughts on “RUE Wants To Hear From You (pt. 2)

  1. Another idea I have is to map out all the surface lots/infill opportunities the city has. Would be interesting to see how much infilling can be done. I bet the results are shocking!

    1. Devon – thanks for the great suggestions! I actually did a map of the downtown a few years ago based on google maps satellite view, but it may be interesting to update it based on new projects that are being planned. It may be good to take a look at surrounding neighbourhoods too.

      Here is the link to my old map (which doesn’t include on-street parking):,-104.604521&spn=0.015577,0.038581&z=15

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