It’s Complicated

Food. A four-letter word that means so much. Food is an intimate part of our lives: We eat to celebrate new lives and lives that have passed; We eat in the midst of our happiest hours and our worst days; We eat to bring together friends, families, and communities. In essence, food is a mental, spiritual, and emotional activity that we engage in every single day. Be it breakfast, lunch, dinner, or the occasional midnight snack, we turn to food. It could be argued that both our lives, and our world, revolve around FOOD!

Yet, if we really think about it, most of us know very little about this four-letter word. Sure, we know a few basics – that milk comes from cows, eggs from chickens, and grains from fields, but do we really think about where our food comes from or what it is we are eating? During our week to week grocery shopping experience, we are often presented with the final product of what we consume, rarely understanding the story behind it. It turns out that we know very little about something that is so central to our everyday life. Yes, it’s true – we tend to have a very complicated relationship with food.

Greetings fellow readers! My name is Taouba Khelifa. Within the next few weeks, I hope you will join me on my journey of exploring food, and all that it encompasses. Who are the people growing my food? How accessible are the grocery stores in our city? What are some side effects of my food consumption? I will tackle these questions and many more in the coming weeks in order to get a better understanding of our food, the systems behind it, and the issues and baggage that comes with it.

Through this, I hope that one day, we will be able to confidently change our relationship and understanding of food so that we are all more aware, knowledgeable, and happy with our food, and our food selections.

It’s Complicated

One thought on “It’s Complicated

  1. Rabs says:

    This article is great! Food is a huge factor in our lives, and it’s rare that we actually think about the origin of the we we digest. I’ve never considered the spiritual impact food has on our lives, what an interesting thought!

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