Introducing Our New Contributor

Hi All,

I am one day in to my San Francisco adventure and am full of ideas, projects, and inspiration to share with you all in a week or so.  But at the moment is something very exciting that I want to share.

Back in July, the U of R Community Research Unit contacted me to see if RUE would be interested in taking on a student volunteer to contribute to the blog as part of their Community Service-Learning program.  At the time I was pumped – the opportunity to have a student write for the blog offers a fresh perspective and I am happy to get students involved in what we are doing.

With that, it is my pleasure to introduce Taouba Khelifa, a third year student in the Human Justice program at the U of R.  Taouba is currently taking a class entitled: Food, Hunger, and Social Justice.  For the next seven weeks she is going to write posts related to her class material but also expanding it to think about the ideas and concepts in the context urban centres and Regina.  Each Thursday she will cover a new topic – globalization of agriculture, food availability in cities, food security, etc.

I hope through this project Taouba can get some feedback on the things she is writing – afterall, this is a learning experience for her as well as us.  If you have comments, questions, or information that you think would be useful for her, please give her feedback.

You can expect to see her first post this Thursday!  For more info about Taouba, you can visit the contributors page.

Introducing Our New Contributor

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