Be Sure to Wear Some Flowers In Your Hair

About a month ago, just when I thought that my life had started to settle down, I got some exciting news.  I was selected to attend the Urban Next Summit taking place in San Francisco hosted by CEOs for Cities (we have a link to them in the side bar) and the San Francisco Planning + Urban Research Association (we now have a link to them in the side bar)!  I had submitted my application the month previous and put it out of my mind while we got ready to move.

The summit runs Monday and Tuesday of next week and the gist of it is as follows:  CEOs for Cities has stated that “The American identity is at a tipping point, moving from what some have called an excess of go-it-alone toward an optimistic culture of do-it-together.”  This meeting is to convene people who are interested in discussing, debating, and challenging ideas of how we currently do business and who are interested in working together to define new and innovative ways in which cities could function in the first half of this century.  CEOs for Cities has a very broad network of members from many different sectors who attend their meetings and summits, and subsequently take ideas and try to find ways to make them reality.

Needless to say, I am very excited and humbled to be chosen to attend the meeting and I look forward to sharing the wealth of ideas that come out of it with all of you!

As part of their work, they also run Smart City Radio – it is somewhat akin to Spacing Radio here in Canada.  You can see and hear more about the work that CEOs for Cities does through SC Radio and on their website.

More to come in about a week!

Be Sure to Wear Some Flowers In Your Hair

3 thoughts on “Be Sure to Wear Some Flowers In Your Hair

    1. I am actually not presenting anything in particular. It is more of a networking summit for people across North America regarding urban development and the future of cities. There are some interesting speakers and group workshops/discussions that I am looking forward to.

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