Living U.S.A. and Living Pictures

Hi everyone!  Greetings from the U.S. of A.  Since moving here about 3 weeks ago, life has been non-stop busy with making sure that paperwork is sorted out, setting up a home, trying to enjoy a little bit of summer, and I’ve been working on edits to a manuscript that I resubmitted just a few days ago.  Martin has been doing an amazing job of keeping this ship afloat and has presented some very cool stuff, so thanks Martin!

I just started an internship with the town’s planning department this week, and no doubt I will have lots to post about our life on this side of the border (I already have a few posts in the queue), but I wanted to just say thanks for sticking with us while things have been sparse in the last couple of months.  Hopefully we will be back on a more regular schedule now.

Ok – there are more posts to come shortly, but as a small measure of catching up, Catherine from the Dunlop Art Gallery sent me these photos about a month ago from the Living Pictures competition in Victoria Park that took place on August 24 in Victoria Park. Eight teams created live interpretations of art works in Victoria Park and 300 people came to check them out!  The People’s Choice winner was “Adam and Eve” (Lucas Cranach, 1526) as interpreted by Andrea Kowalchuk and Wade Klassen (at the bottom of the page), but there were a lot of very fun entries.  Enjoy!

Adam and Eve - People's Choice Winner
Living U.S.A. and Living Pictures

One thought on “Living U.S.A. and Living Pictures

  1. wourliem says:

    Thanks for posting these photos Laura.

    I wanted to go to this event but got the time wrong and wasn’t able to go. It was such a nice day for art in the park too.

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