Walk Like An Egyptian

Walk lights in Regina work fine, but could they be more interesting?

Traffic conditions in Cairo have a fearsome reputation for speed, congestion and disregard for pedestrians.  Even in the downtown core, which is pedestrian heavy and built up, traffic lights, stop signs and other common control devises are absent.  Traffic control usually comes in the form of police or is left to more informal driver rule.

One of the most interesting pieces of Cairo street infrastructure, however, were walk lights.  There were not many around and  part of their novelty, beyond their low numbers, was how they worked.

Below is a YouTube video of a Cairo walk light near Sadat Metro station and the Egyptian Museum.

**Warning this video contains swearing. If you don’t like to hear cursing please turn off your sound.  The video requires no sound for you to see how these walk lights function.**

These walk lights start slow, with the ‘walk figure’ progressively driving its legs and arms faster and faster.  The video shows the ‘walk figure’ near the end of the walk light, at its fastest rate.

I quite liked these walk lights.  One side effect of seeing them was the uncontrollable urge to do the ‘running man’ everywhere.  I think street infrastructure like this, which provide a greater degree of interactivity and visual interest, can make a place more fun and tourist friendly.

Walk Like An Egyptian

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