New weekly walk

The husband and I recently left our apartment in the Heritage neighbourhood as we prepare to move state-side in about 6 weeks.  With our recent relocation has come, among many things, a new walk to work!  A few weeks ago, it took me me a mere 8 minutes to get from home to work, and now it is a jaunty half an hour.

A good friend of mine, Johanna, once said “walking keeps the world in real time” and I couldn’t agree more.  Having a longer walk to work gives me more opportunity to notice the world around me.  Here is a little glimpse at what I noticed this week.

Over the course of the week I watched this little space along Albert (just north of the tracks) develop into a snack spot/deli – I saw the coolers come in, the tables and window stools go into place, and food start to show up.  I hope to check it out soon.

I got a glimpse at brick under the facade of EVEN MORE buildings (really, there are a lot of brick buildings in this fair city that have been covered up) – I find it so exciting to think about how the street scape could be changed if these facades were removed!

I saw some new graffiti … the predictable and the quirky.

and I found my initials scrawled on a wall downtown – perhaps some small greeting for me as I feel out my new route.

Have a great weekend everyone!

New weekly walk

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