Before and After: Ackerman Building

For today’s before and after we feature another Storey and Van Egmond building, this time one in the Warehouse District – the Ackerman Building.

This building was probably my first real introduction, as a pre-teen, to the Warehouse District (one of my favourite neighbourhoods in the city).  As a kid in elementary school (early to mid-90s) my mom and aunt would occasionally take me and my cousins/siblings to World Of Trout… for those who don’t remember, this is where World Of Trout and Tiki Room got their start.

Even at that age I loved the style of this building and dreamed of living in it (though these days I don’t think I can afford the condos that currently occupy the building).  It is certainly one of the many gems to be found in the Warehouse District and I am happy to see it continue to be a staple along Dewdney Ave.

Photos taken from a report by Ross Herrington on the work of Storey and Van Egmond (a link to it can be found in this post)

Before and After: Ackerman Building

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