Five Reasons To Go For A Walk Downtown

So I was out taking photos for an upcoming post about parks in the downtown and ended up having a great walk.  If you have forgotten, downtown Regina in the summer is full of awesome.  Here are 5 highlights from my walk:

5) Checking out the progress on the new plaza space on 12th avenue – sure it looks like ass right now, but come fall this place will be happening!

4) Spotting an impromptu haircut in progress on Scarth Street… and actually just the sheer number of people out and about at 6pm on a Friday was great to see!

3) Spying a new mural being painted on 11th – I will have to keep my eye out for it to see how it progresses.

2)  Listening to the sounds coming from O’Hanlons patio… Friday, post-workweek bears always sound great!

1) By far my favourite moment was due to Doug!  He was waiting to pick his daughter up from work in this great car (1991 Nissan Figaro) and I asked if I could take his photo.  We ended up having a really nice chat.

Doug – have a great weekend and an awesome Father’s Day!

Regina summer 2010… it’s on!

** honourable mentions – sneaking a photo of another person taking photos of the downtown and watching the beginnings of a concert on the Scarth Street mall.

Five Reasons To Go For A Walk Downtown

5 thoughts on “Five Reasons To Go For A Walk Downtown

  1. Barb Saylor says:

    Ah!! I spotted that Nissan with the right-hand drive the other day, and gave it the old circle-and-gawk.

  2. I am a bit of a snob apparently, but I really don’t like that mural. I wish a wider range of artists would get these commissions rather than the same 2 people on 5 walls each within 10 blocks…

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