Artesian on 13th

On the evening on May 27 I attended a concert by CoelacanthDance, an ocean themed jazz-funk instrumental jamtacular.  The event, held at the new Cathedral neighbourhood venue Artesian on 13th, was part of the Cathedral Village Arts Festival. 

The next day, I returned to Artesian for another festival event, this time a poetry reading by various authors involved with Hagios Press (on facebook).

I recommend reading the Artesian on 13th “About” section on their website (here), it details the inspiration for the project and details of the renovation.  There are also interesting before and after pictures at the bottom of the page. 

The Artesian is a welcome venue option in the Cathedral neighbourhood and Albert Street commercial area that’s capable of hosting a wide range of events and performances.  The performance space is small, with an elevated stage, large enough for most bands.  The audience has floor, elevated and balcony seating to choose from.  There were chairs along the floor at the two event I attended, but standing room for larger shows on the floor is certainly a possibility.

I think the Artesian will be a good venue in the years to come for the Fringe festival, bands, plays, poetry, debates, public meetings and events of all colours.  Yay adaptive reuse!

Artesian on 13th

2 thoughts on “Artesian on 13th

  1. Thank you for the positive commentary on our band CoelacanthDance and Artesian on 13th!

    Hope you can make it out to:

    The Exchange
    June 12, 2010

    CoelacanthDance (Psychedelic Rock, Mind-Melting Grooves, Jam Band at its ultra finest!!)

    Intergalactic Virgin (Big Beat, Cyber-Electro, Robot-Acid House)

    Actual Lungbutter (Captain Beefheart + Frank Zappa + Pure Rock’n Roll!)

    MC: Simon Moccasin

    Live airbrush: Colin McLellan: an interpretive painting of the event, to be auctioned off at end of night.

    And a film crew courtesy of Don List: BirdSong Communications will be documenting the event.

    Doors open @ 8pm
    $8 Cover at the door!

    1. Check out

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