Urban Picnic-ing

Today (Sunday) is supposed to be a beautiful and sunny day (23 oC) – a nice change from the rain and cool temperatures that most of May brought… so, I say we all take advantage of it: go for a walk, a bike ride, fly a kite, or have a picnic.

Whether you are a fan of EPIC-nics or prefer the quiet al fresco experience, picnics are a nice way to incorporate green space and fresh air into your urban life… or, they can be.

Recently I saw this design shoot (above photo) and now completely crave a back alley lunch sojourn.  In urban areas where parks may be few and far between or a challenge to get to (luckily Regina is not one of these places), concrete landscapes may be just as welcoming and offer some relaxation.

In downtown Regina, back alleys are both full of life and a quiet haven during the day.  If I have errands to run and want to be alone with my thoughts, I take back alley routes and delight in the muffled sounds of the front streets.  I often see other pedestrians with similar motivations and workers out on a coffee/smoke break who quietly nod at me as I pass.  I almost always see some detail that I missed the last time I was out (i.e. small stencil art) or get a new perspective of the downtown (it is kind of like being backstage at the theatre with all of the props and pulleys).

So, whether you like to lay out a picnic blanket in the park, or prefer to eat your sandwich in the shadow of an office tower, let’s all get out and picnic while the weather is nice!

Urban Picnic-ing

3 thoughts on “Urban Picnic-ing

  1. jeffg says:

    you are right – the alley behind my house is quite peaceful – my only compliant about alleys near where i live is that people treat them like narrow roads, and don’t make the adjustments in speed that i consider necessary

  2. wourliem says:

    The back alley lunch pic reminds me of so many films and images of urban lounging on stoops and near store fronts; on roof tops.

    In Christchurch New Zealand, among many other cities, they’ve moved to put public art and event store fronts in the alleyways downtown to activate those spaces. In my few days in Christchurch I recall finding a tiny Russian vodka bar in one of these alleys. I planned to return later that evening but never rediscovered it.

    In Regina alleys are often well shaded, quite, and revealing. Last year’s Cathedral festival had an alleyway or two featured with music and art. I thought that was an interesting change of space.

    Thanks for the EPIC-nic link, I am tempted to crash one when the weather suits and I’m in town.

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