Change Is In The Air And On The Street

I saw this while walking downtown today!  Not only is there plenty of sinage and direction for motorists to adapt to the change on 11th and 12th avenue (both going from one-way streets to two-way), but they are reminding pedestrians of this change too!

I, for one, approve.

Change Is In The Air And On The Street

3 thoughts on “Change Is In The Air And On The Street

  1. Barb Saylor says:

    I was downtown this morning, too, experiencing the new transit transfer spot along 12th and noting all the ways the city is preparing drivers and pedestrians for the resumption of two-way traffic on 11th and 12th. Kudos and props.

  2. Craig Fink says:

    B-b-b-but…in the words of one Leader-Post letter-writer – CITY HALL DOESN’T CARE ABOUT MOTORISTS! Oy.

    It continues to baffle me that so many Reginans seem to think that the only reason City Hall exists is to make the city easier to drive a truck through.

    No wonder our downtown has deteriorated so much – often the loudest voices on these issues actively dislike the whole idea of a downtown. They go there…maybe…for work, because they have no choice. But as long as they can drive out of that icky place as fast as possible at the end of the day, they will be happy. Some people actually seem proud of the poor planning that has debilitated our city for so many years. We’re lucky that it’s Pat Fiacco who is implementing these changes – a sort of Nixon-goes-to-China scenario. A less popular mayor with the suburbanites would probably be strung up.

    Sorry for the rant – I’ve been reading too many Leader-Post/CBC Sask comment sections. I love your blog, Laura!

    1. Craig – your rants are always welcome! You raise great points and I whole-heartedly agree.

      Last Sunday I took a drive on the new two ways with the husband and it was great. It felt like a bit of a bizarro-downtown and it was great to see how this one small change made a huge difference to the feeling of downtown. I can also state that as a person working downtown this feeling is also palpable on the street… people just need to suck it up. We have lived in a car-centric culture for many years where pedestrians and cyclists have had to scrounge for space (and still do a bit- as a pedestrian I nearly get hit by cars daily). City council has decided to make a statement and make some actual change happen, and as citizens we need to at least give it a chance.

      I think it will take people a month or two for it to sink in that downtown IS a destination and not a thoroughfare (a lot of us know this already, but for the uninitiated…).

      Thanks again – let me know if you want to write a guest post about it sometime!

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