Cities that save time


Just a quick note here to point you in the direction of an article in Real Simple magazine that compared cities based on the ease of life for citizens.  In addition to things like commute time, walkability, etc.., they also looked at things like physicians per capita, wireless access, libraries per capita, access to recycling, community gardens, bike friendliness, and a host of other measures that, in the end, save people time.

Unfortunately, for us, this was done for the U.S., but we have touched on a number of these topics here at R.U.E.  I thought it might be good to see how other cities rank and get inspiration on ways to make Regina more vibrant and sustainable.


Cities that save time

One thought on “Cities that save time

  1. On a somewhat related note, I found this piece from yesterday’s Globe and Mail kind of thought provoking….

    It’s by someone who understands all the benefits of urban living (the ones in that article you’ve linked to) but is finding the financial side of it problematic. The comments, as of dinnertime yesterday, were also worth reading.

    Of course, my solution to the writer’s dilemma is for her to abandon Toronto and move to Regina.

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