Janes Walk 2010 Update

Hi All,

Sorry for the sparse-ness of the blog lately – I feel like I am up to my shoulders in planning and organizing the Jane’s Walks for this year and it is occupying most of my free time (which is also limited).

So, here is a quick update about how this year’s event is coming along in lieu of the 4-5 other posts that I have on my mind and will hopefully get written in the near future:

So far we have 18 walks planned (2 are being offer twice) which is up from 12 walks last year!  Super exciting.  The walks arevery diverse again this year – we have a nice mix of history, architecture, community engagement, personal stories, and new ways of thinking about community.

We also have a further reach of neighbourhoods than we did last year – we still have some walks out by Hillsdale, U of R, and Albert South but this year we have added a walk that starts on Rochdale Boulevard!  So, it looks like north to south we are pretty well covered, which means that next year the goal will be to get better representation east to west.

I have been chatting with the guides about their preparations and they have some really cool things planned for participants – exploring the relationship between nature and people within cities, the opportunity to meet with people from Regina’s Ukranian community and a look at suburbia as it relates to a contemporary art exhibition.  They are going all out.

As always, the walks will go rain or shine so participants need to be prepared for the weather.  Also – some walks have a limitation on the number of participants that the guide will take, so if you are interested in a particular walk, you should probably reserve yourself a spot on the website.

More details to be found here!

Janes Walk 2010 Update

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