A motley collection of links!

Hi all,

I am busy working on a few posts right now that will hopefully be up next week, so in the mean time here are some cool links all initially found through one place – The Saskatchewan Centre for Regional Expertise:

1) First of all, the Saskatchewan Centre for Regional Expertise is pretty cool and everyone should just know about them and check their site often.  They have different theme area working groups which include “building sustainable communities” amoung other fantastic topics and are a good place to check for interesting events and opportunities to become involved.

2) On that same note, here is a really interesting lecture about the future of agriculture that is coming to the U of R next Tuesday that I found on the SCRE website.

3) Add a few links about communitiy sustainability and urban agriculture, also from SCRE website

4) Check out this cool, local blog all about the YES network – teachers, students, and community members unite for sustainability!  It is extrememly inspiring to see what the youth in our society are doing – it makes us all want to do our part a little more.

5) This is a cool, short video about how automobile focused planning really changed the look and feel of Park Avenue in New York in the 1920s and 30s, and about the need to change autocentric spaces to be more walkable.  In fact, this whole website seems pretty cool and I am excited to watch more of the videos this weekend perhaps!

6) Lastly, while we are thinking about walkability, Janes Walks is still open for people to volunteer as a guide or marshall the weekend of May 1 and 2.  Go here for more info, or email me to get involved (janeswalkregina@gmail.com).


A motley collection of links!

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