Let’s Talk Trash Update… one step closer!

This is the latest update I receivedfrom Waste Plan Regina – they are recommending enhanced services (which includes curbside recycling)!!  It still has to go before City Counsel next Monday for approval.  If you are available, you should come down and voice your approval (in words, or just with your presence) of this plan.  Let’s all support as quick an implementation as possible – I know it won’t happen overnight, but it would be great if it is made a priority to be starting by the year end (and not in 2012).  9 good months of planning and implementation should be enough to at least get a basic start to the new services – heck, if parent’s can create a living, breathing baby in that time, we should be able to retrofit our waste handling system.

Anyway, the email (with link to the report) follows:

Let’s Talk Trash UpdateLet's Talk Trash

Thank you for taking the time to ‘talk trash’.  Your comments and suggestions on the three service options (current plus, enhanced, comprehensive) for the City’s future waste management plan have been compiled.  We received hundreds of online and paper questionnaires and excellent feedback from residents at our open houses.

After reviewing and assessing all of the information, the City has submitted a report to be reviewed by the Public Works Committee on Tuesday, March 16, recommending the Enhanced Service. After the Public Works Committee meeting, the report will go to City Council for approval on March 22, 2010. The Enhanced Service option includes curbside or ‘property line’ recycling, seasonal collection of yard material (e.g. grass, leaves, twigs, branches), a permanent facility for Household Hazardous Waste, and collection of bulky items and white goods(e.g.fridges, stoves).

If  approved, the City will finalize an implementation plan.  This is a big change and new recycling services will take time to design.  On street service changes could start in 2011 or 2012.

Thank you again for your input.  We will send another update after the Council meeting to inform you of the outcome.

Let’s Talk Trash Update… one step closer!

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