Gardens on Rose

I went to Planning Commission today to hear about the Gardens on Rose (See Prairie Dog and LP for a picture and thoughts) development in the works.  You can check the details of  the discretionary use application RPC10-6 from the City website.

The presentation to the commission was made by chief architect Alton Tangedal (see other Tangedal projects here) and Kensington Developments president George Pantazopoulos and they weren’t gushing details.  There were a few revelations: the materials will be some masonry (stone or brick), with stucco and a kind of shiny metal or steel and possibly increased glazing.

There was a question about the east side of the building and what materials it might have.

Of course the east side will be very visible from Broad St. and depending on the glazing etc likely to reflect some sunlight.  Unlike some older buildings which hide poor quality bricks at the back, the prominence of this tower will mean a certain quality on all sides.

The presenters felt, however, that the eastside wasn’t as much of a concern as the front sidewalk treatment.  The developers expressed that there had been and continues to be a great deal of work with the City administration to meet the needs of the Walk to Work plan for downtown.  They hinted at a plan for a new look for Rose St. with street enhancements; sidewalk treatments and/or plantings.

The presenters’ were asked about uses at the base and they said there are plans for a gym and a social space.  The social space could be a coffee shop and the gym might be opened to the public as well.

Lastly, there will be two parking stalls/suite because of, according to the developer, his experience with the Motherwell Building.  Kensington Developments re-did the Motherwell and only provided 1 parking space per suite.  The reason was the high-end market struggles with the limit of one stall.  Any excess stalls may go to rent for the general public or office users.

Gardens on Rose

5 thoughts on “Gardens on Rose

  1. It would be great if the extra parking was given to people at the Motherwell Building to open up its main floor/street level for something interesting and engaging as well! I just noticed the other day that some of those quirky windows are openable!

  2. John says:

    I sincerely hope that Kensington Developments is not behind the construction of this building. Their work on the conversion of the Motherwell Building was sub-par. The addition of the top 4 floors was poorly managed, and as a result a substantial amount of water entered into units on floors 6-8. These units are currently uninhabitable.
    George Pantazopoulos is a retired doctor, not a condo developer. He was in way over his head with the Motherwell Building and I have absolutely zero faith in his ability to successfully execute this project.

      1. Ronnie says:

        John owns a unit that was flooded, he is currently elsewhere and plans to move back after over two years of waiting to get his unit finished.

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