A few ways to celebrate history this week

February 15-21 is Heritage Week in Saskatchewan!  Here are a few ways to get involved or reflect on history and heritage this week:

1) You can attend this lecture that I posted about last week – it is in Saskatoon, but if you can get there it should be interesting.

2) You can fill out this survey, created by an Arts Admin student from the University of Regina who is developing an operational plan for the Saskatchewan Archives to create a new event connected to their collection of visual art.  The survey will help to gain some insight into the level of people’s awareness of the Archives, and their interest in an event like this.

3) You can peruse the latest newsletter from Historica-Dominion Institute for interest.

4) You can check out this very cool renovation by a Regina architect of his heritage designated condo here in the City and be inspired.  Looking at some of the details in this space, I will bet that it is in the Bartleman apartments… it looks very similar to the one I used to rent (albeit way cooler)!

4) You could also go down the the RPL’s Prairie History Room and do some independant research on a topic of your choice for enjoyment.  I spent some time there last year piecing together the history of the Engineers Building at 1843 Hamilton Street (currently Loggies Shoes). 

5) And, on that note, this Sunday (Feb. 21) and next Sunday (Feb. 28) you could also go and help the folks at 1843 Hamilton Street in the last stretch of renovations to that space.  It is a 1912 building, recently given heritage designation, that is being developed into a creative hub space for artists. 

For more info on Saskatchewan Heritage, week you can go to the Sask government website here.

A few ways to celebrate history this week

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