One week of joy!

This week, the Canadian Improv Games Saskatchewan regional tournament will be taking place in Regina.  It is a nation-wide highschool improv theatre tournament that has been running for over 30 years, and most of those years, Regina has been competing.  Why do I tell you this?

1) It is awesome-ly fun and I think anyone who enjoys a laugh or, more importantly, the joy of spontaneous theatre should come check it out.  It is an amazing experience unlike any other I have had the pleasure of being a part of (this will be my 13th year of involvment with the games).  The loving competition starts tomorrow (Tuesday) and runs until Saturday (the finals).  All shows are at Riffel highschool and showtime is 7:30pm each night.

2) I will again be judging this year, which means that any time I am not at work, I will be watching and judging improv theatre and therefore may be posting less frequently, or just shorter posts… but that is ok – shorter posts are often a little easier to digest.

Other important events this week include a Garden Planning meeting for the North Central Community Gardens (facebook, website) tomorrow (Tuesday) from 7-9pm at the Albert Scott Community Centre (1264 Athol Street).  I did a post about community gardens awhile ago, so if people are interested in becoming more involved, here is your chance!

Have a great week!

One week of joy!

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