Be a part of the Briarpatch

Have you heard about Briarpatch magazine?  No?  Then you are missing out!

As it’s “About” section reads:

Since 1973, Briarpatch has been serving up regular doses of news and analysis from its home in Regina, Saskatchewan. Believing that a truly free press is essential to the creation of a truly democratic society, Briarpatch provides a thoughtful, principled, and irreverent alternative to the false consensus of the corporate media. As Maude Barlow says, we’re “one of the few voices that will still challenge the corporate agenda and present workable alternatives.

(read: it’s awesome)

I think that Briarpatch and similar initiatives are the best part of Saskatchewan: our independant, co-operative producing, socialist leaning tendancies.  How fantastic that we are the home to a (self-proclaimed) “fiercely independant” publication, and have been for the last 37 years!  What started out as a humble local initiative now has national distribution and is seen as “… one of Canada’s leading independent voices on issues of social justice and the environment.”  Definitely a reason to be a proud Saskie.

You can find out more about them here.

Right now, Briarpatch is also looking to hire an editor/publisher to join their ranks.  The info on the job is can be found here.

Be a part of the Briarpatch

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