Something you CAN help make happen!

So… remember a few months ago when I wrote this post about putting energy into why things CAN happen, and CAN change?  Well today I want to talk about a project that has that same attitude: the transformation of the second and third floors of Loggies Shoe’s into a “creative hub” in our downtown.

The project has been the brainchild of Marian Donnelly of Inner Circle Management for a few years, and Marian is exactly the type of person who sees an opportunity and instead of listing out the resons why any challenges can’t be overcome and a project can’t get off the ground, she sees possibility and all the reasons why it CAN happen!  Marian and her crew have been renovating the top two floors of this 1912 building for several months: they have unbricked windows on the third floor and finally got functioning bathrooms in the last month!  The space is intended to contain retail and workroom space for a local fashion collective on the second floor as well as rented artist studios and a recording suite on the third floor.

There are creative hubs in many cities in Canada, North America and abroad and they can take many different shapes.  Here is one cool example from Calgary that a friend sent me last night.

Now, the reason that I wanted to give this project some play is two-fold.  1) It is awesome and likely will have an amazingly positive impact on both the downtown and Regina’s art scene in general; 2)Marian and the crew are looking for volunteers to come and help with the remaining prep work before they paint the space!   How exciting!

So – if you are a person who thinks of the ways that change CAN happen, are someone who likes to contribute to the betterment of Regina, or you want to be one of those people, come help get this space closer to completion!


Please come give us a hand renovating the future art spaces above Loggie’s on:
Sunday, February 21 and
Sunday, February 28!
1 pm to 6 pm both days!

We will be clearing the third floor rooms of any remaining debris, and prepping the walls and ceilings for their new coats of Benjamin Moore paint.  There will be a film crew on hand to record our work efforts, so wear your funkiest painting clothes and look good while you help bring these spaces back to their former glory!
Email to let us know if you can make it out, and when. We will provide water and food for the volunteer crew, so we need to know how many people will be there. Thanks!
You can find us on the 2nd floor, 1843 Hamilton Street, Regina, above Loggie’s Shoes.  Tel: 546-5565

Something you CAN help make happen!

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