Heritage and Development… a perfect match!

This lecture is coming to Saskatoon and sounds very interesting and relevant when it comes to how we develop cities in a mindful way.

I will look into the possibilitiy of a similar lecture in Regina (thanks to Paul for catching my mistake).  I think this topic is particularly relevant to our city and some current projects!

EDITOR’S NOTE: I just spoke with someone from the Heritage Resources Branch and they said at the moment there is no plan to tape/post or stream this lecture live.  I wonder if students from the U of S AV services, or somewhere similar is planning on going and has a camera?  It would be great to even have a camcorder recording of this lecture for those of us who cannot go.

Heritage and Development… a perfect match!

2 thoughts on “Heritage and Development… a perfect match!

    1. Oh balls. I totally didn’t see that it was in Saskatoon! I think I saw Radisson and got excited and post happy. I likely can’t go either now. Perhaps I can get a Saskatoon friend to attend and report.

      Thanks for catching that!

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