Public Events

Here are three events to check out next week:

1. Monday January 25 there is a Faculty of Education discussion at the University of Regina titled: Talkin’ About School & Society “No Child Left Thinking: Democracy at Risk in Canadian Schools.”
At 3:30pm Dr. Joel Westheimer will be presenting on this topic at the Education Auditorium at University of Regina.

Later that evening there will be further discussion with Dr. Westheimer and Dr. Jennifer Tupper at La Bodega restaurant, starting at 7pm.

I attended the last discussion at La Bodega in this series before Christmas.  The discussion was lively and quite interesting.  The tight confines of the restaurant create an intimate space which, I felt, added to people voicing their opinions.  The discourse at that meeting was often experiential and personal, which gave the conversation more emotion than most lectures I’ve been to in Regina.

It will be an interesting evening.

2. While walking through the halls of the University or Regina this past week I saw notices for the rescheduled screening of No Impact Man.

The screening will take place at 7:30pm Tuesday, January 26 at the University of Regina, room 191 in the Education Building.

3. Lastly on Friday, January 29 there will be a biology seminar starting at 3:30pm in room 125 in the Classroom Building at the University of Regina.  The presenter, Holly Hennin will speak about the “Ecological implications of prairie restoration.”

Yesterday afternoon I went to a biology seminar titled: “Investigating the bioaccumulation of methylmercury in invertebrates from Saskatchewan prairie pothole wetlands.”  I am not someone who’s familiar with biology and although the title was a little daunting, the lecture was very interesting.  The biggest plus was the presenter didn’t use  jargon or speak to a select audience, rather she explained everything very clearly.  My positive experience leaves me hope that next Friday’s lecture will be just as enlightening.

See you there!

Public Events

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