Your participation requested!

It seems like I have so little time and energy lately to keep up with daily posts… my apologies for that.  Hopefully we will be getting some guest-bloggers to offer a post or two soon.  In the meantime, I thought I would share two notices that I received via email in the last week.

I see this blog as a good place to share opportunities for people to get involved in exciting community events and offer their thoughts, opinions, and creative visions to promising community changes.  So, without further adieu:

1) College Avenue Campus Project    …. seriously who does not love those buildings?  That whole site has so much potential, and they are looking for your thoughts on how to make more use of it!!

At the direction of the University Executive Team, a project is
underway to consider potential long term uses for the College Avenue
Campus.  Bob Schad, Senior Advisor for Special Projects, is leading this
project with the support of Facilities Management.

Please give Bob your support and cooperation as he examines a range of
potential solutions for the revitalization of the College Avenue

Bob would welcome suggestions regarding any potential programming
options for the College Avenue Campus.  Please help us come up with some
ideas and think about programming in the broadest sense—from academic
programs, to community programs, commercial opportunities, housing,
professional offices and cultural industries.  All ideas are welcome.

Please forward any ideas/suggestions to Bob at or
call him at 337-2349 to discuss.

Vianne Timmons
President and Vice-Chancellor

2) Downtown Regina Artist Registry   ….. exciting to see ideas like this starting up here.  I will hopefully be meeting with Michael Huber of Regina Downtown BID in the near future to talk more about this project:

Regina Downtown BID has been working on art projects in Downtown for the
past several years. Though the program has been successful, it has been
limited. In response to this a revamped program was developed that will
incorporate murals, window front displays, sculptures and art on power

An artist registry database has been created to organize the artists that
will be available for this and future projects. Please fill out the
following form to be included in our growing database. The process is free
and could result in your art being chosen for projects Downtown.

The form is also available online at our website:
<> . Please feel free to
pass this along to those who you believe would be interested. For additional
information on current and upcoming Downtown art projects feel free to
contact me.

Josh Haugerud

Community Recreation Coordinator
Regina Downtown BID
#140-2401 Saskatchewan Drive
Regina, SK, S4P 4H8
(306) 535-9462

The purpose of the Visual Artist Registry is to link artists with public and
private property owners interested in commissioning visual artwork and other
public art-related projects to beautify and promote art within Downtown.

Regina Downtown Business Improvement District believes that public art
builds bridges between generations and cultures by establishing a common
ground for dialogue. Public art creates positive landmarks that foster a
sense of identity, pride and ownership, and can act as a deterrent to acts
of vandalism. As part of the registry artists will have access to Downtown
projects, will be able to bring forth ideas for possible projects, be
available for Downtown businesses (they will have access to the registry for
future projects), vacant window displays, Art Jams and Showcases, temporary
installations and other events. Please see attached for a list of current
available projects.

Neighbourhoods that integrate public art will significantly enhance the
quality of life of their community.

So, get out there and share your thoughts and creative vision for this city youse kids!

Your participation requested!

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