Creative Conversation

There is a meeting titled: “Creative Conversation: Adventures in Community Engaged Research: Creative methodologies and Intervention” taking place 7-10pm on January 11th at the Shubox theatre in the Riddell Centre, University of Regina.

Here is what the UofR events page has to say about the lecture:

In the same collaborative vein, scholars and community agencies are using tools of creative intervention in service delivery and community research to draw attention to local issues.  It may be these creative inter-sectoral approaches that can address new complex challenges of globalization, mass migration and economic collapse.  In this environment of uncertainty, we can address the impacts of these global issues at the local level.  At the same time, these creative interventions serve to empower new voices and build community. “Adventures in Community Engaged Research” will present diverse and creative ideas on how to gather research evidence and affect broader social change.

Speakers include:  Dr. Christine Ramsay, Charity Marsh, Sarah Abbott, Marc Spooner and Marnie Badham

See you there!

Creative Conversation

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