Let’s Talk Trash – still time to give your input

Hi everyone – here’s just a little post to remind everyone to fill out the City’s questionnaire regarding a new waste management plan (kind of fitting when you look around at all of the Christmas wrapping that could be picked up for recycling at your doorstep should a new plan come into effect).  I got this email a few weeks ago, but there is still lots of time to fill in the questionnaire online.

“We have received over 450 responses through our online questionnaire and also received comments at our five open houses and through hard copy questionnaires.  We will be going through each one and will be bringing forward a report to Council in early 2010.  If you had questions or requests for information in your survey, we will follow-up as soon as possible.

The survey will remain available online and at our three locations (watch for the Let’s Talk Trash stands at City Hall, the Fieldhouse and the Sandra Schmirler Centre) until January 8, 2010.

Please pass along this link to friends and family to ensure they also fill in the questionnaire.  We want to hear from you!  http://www.regina.ca/Page4331.aspx. ”

So, if you haven’t yet filled out the survey, go do it.  It only takes a few minutes to help ensure that Regina takes this important step forward… or potentially a few steps forward (community composting – yes please!)!

Let’s Talk Trash – still time to give your input

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