Before and After: The Bartleman Apartments

Today we are introducing a new feature on Regina Urban Ecology called ‘Before and After’.

We will feature photos of a particular area/building/street from the past and present (or more recent time) to see how things have changed or stayed the same.

So, first up: The Bartleman Apartments

Bartleman before and after

The Bartleman Apartments were designed by Storey and Van Egmond, a prolific architectural firm in Saskatchewan’s history.  It was designed and built in 1914 on the corner of 14th Avenue and Cornwall Street and remains there to this day.  It is one of the many buildings that give the “Transition Area” (Victoria Ave to College Ave, Albert St. to Broad St.) its sense of history and character.

The first apartment I ever lived in was in The Bartleman.  When I was living there (2001), it was starting to transition from apartments to condos (I lived in a tiny one bedroom that I had the opportunity to buy for … well, way too much considering what the apartment actually was), and as a student I was in no position to buy.  Since then, the entire building has become condos, although some owners still rent out (my brother and his wife rented there a few years ago).  I have many great memories of living there most notably of the couple who lived upstairs in the same size of apartment with a big dog, a cat, and a rabbit.  The gentleman also owned many vintage cars and would rotate their position in the parking lot and on the street frequently.

These images were taken from a report that Ross Herrington did for Saskatchewan’s Heritage Resources Branch in 2004, documenting the work of Storey and Van Egmond in the province… I will likely be featuring a lot of these buildings in the Before and Afters.

The entire document can be found here (it is a big file, so be patient): Storey and Van Egmond Report

Before and After: The Bartleman Apartments

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