Why WE CAN Make It Happen.

I read this on one of my favorite blogs today and thought I would share it with everyone:

“I’d love to share something with you that I experienced recently. I was taking a walk with someone and noticed 3 shops, empty, with the most beautiful architectural details. But they looked lonely and unloved though they’re in a lovely neighborhood. As I looked at them, I told my companion that I would love to see these empty spaces become something special — an art gallery, cafe, cupcake shop, something creative and inspirational. My companion commented that there was much work to be done on the interior, it needed a good paint job, and that parking in the area was quite bad. But we’re in the city, I thought, who cares about parking. But I respectfully listened to my companions concerns.

Upon returning home that evening, I thought about the concerns and issues shared that evening. And I thought some more. Then I realized that if only we put our time and efforts more into defending WHY WE CAN do something versus WHY WE CANNOT, the world would be such a better place. So many more magical things could be created, replenished, made to shine. So I guess I will part with this message today. When you find yourself listing reasons as to why you cannot do something, switch the button and start defending it with the same amount of passion – start finding ways in which you CAN do it. That is the difference between living your dreams yourself or constantly watching others live your dreams.”

I think this is an important mindset for everyday life, but I have been thinking a lot about Regina’s urban and community development in this way lately. As citizens, we often put up mental roadblocks about why things will never change, or why they won’t get better in terms of design, vibrancy, culture, etc. in Regina. Perhaps instead of placating ourselves with the “I love Regina” mantra, we should start thinking about what is possible in this city that we love and find ways that WE CAN make it happen.

On a related note, here is a survey that Regina’s city planners would like fellow citizens to fill out.


This week, city planners will be attending a “Placemaking Academy” hosted by the New York based Projects for Public Spaces (http://www.pps.org/) and could use some input!


Why WE CAN Make It Happen.

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