Trash Talk

This is just pasted from my email, but I wanted to get this info out in time for everyone interested in having recycling services as part of Regina’s waste management plan to book the time off or email their thoughts (

Lord knows many of us want curbside recycling to be a part of the city’s waste disposal system and hopefully if we put the pressure on City administration and council, we will have a comprehensive waste management plan soon (recycling, even composting is on the table here people!).  The full report can be found here: Waste Plan Regina Report

Commence email paste:

Waste Plan Regina has scheduled a series of open houses for public input into the various options.  To the many of you that have already sent in your comments; the City of Regina would like to thank you.

The open houses are scheduled for:

Wednesday, November 18

South Leisure Centre Gymnasium

170 Sunset Drive

5-9:30 pm

Tuesday, November 24

City Hall


3 to 6 p.m.

Thursday, November 26th

Glencairn Neighbourhood Recreation Centre Large Meeting Room

2626 Dewdney Ave E

5-10 pm

Wednesday, December 2nd

Cathedral Neighbourhood Centre Multipurpose Room

2900 – 13th Avenue

5-10 pm

Wednesday, December 9th

North West Leisure Centre

1127 Arnason St

5-10 pm

Trash Talk

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