Step one.

Ok.  So, I have bitten the bullet.  I have decided to start this blog after contemplating it for a long time… and writing the first blog post is rough. How do I adequately sum up where this is going?  I guess I just pick a point and start writing.

I had the idea to create this blog after living in Montreal for 2 years and studying urban ecology at McGill University.  While being exposed to some amazing (and some horrible) urban design and urban life in Montreal, I thought a lot about Regina, my home.  What things make Regina work as a city?  What isn’t working?  Why do certain neighbourhoods feel vibrant and full of life while others feel inhospitable and devoid of “community”?  And most importantly, how can we create a great urban experience that is unique to Regina?

Along with exploring Regina’s urban landscape (planning, design, etc.) I want to showcase projects that may be working well elsewhere and discuss topics that apply to cities in general.  Once in awhile I hope to also add a bit of my more specific expertise: ecology.  Urban ecology is a relatively new and exciting field and, while I want to use that term to be more inclusive to the urban experience, I think more people should know about the field and think about the rsearch questions that arise from it.

There.  One post down, hopefully many more to go!

Step one.

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